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Driven by experience and talent, the She’s So story was destined for success. Nicola and Daniela Nicolini grew up around fashion, spending their childhood around wefts and yarn in their mother’s studio, and eventually decided to follow in their mother’s footsteps, who began producing for her brand Gemma Zanzani high-end knitwear in the 1970s, thanks to her talent distinguished for originality and resourcefulness.
In 2000, Nicola and Daniela collaborated to create their own line, giving life to a brand with an ever-present contemporary style: She’s So.
Each and every design in our seasonal collections is focused on the identity of the brand as a whole.
Conceptualizing our garments directly on the body leads to a process that allows the garment to be in control of its own shape, leaving the designer to interpret it.
This aesthetic research does away with excessive and redundant qualities, replacing them with an idea of femininity that is framed by the garment.
Designed and produced entirely in Italy, the She’s So collection is presented at the fashion industry’s most important events in Milan, Paris, New York and Moscow.
With 90% of the She’s So collection exported around the world, this line can be found in top fashion boutiques.